On a mission to expand access to COVID-19 testing for underserved populations 

Our Mission

Expand COVID-19 testing capacity with a specific focus on how asymptomatic screening programs can be used to help safely reopen schools, childcare, and other essential organizations.

What We Do


We support labs in developing low-cost testing options that can scale for underserved populations. 

Testing Program Operations

We partner directly with organizations and communities to design and implement testing programs while developing scalable resources and toolkits.

Advocacy & Public Policy

We advocate for the right public policies to support equitable access to testing.

Current Focus:

Reopening Schools & Childcare Safely

There is an economic and equity imperative to safely reopen schools and childcare for in-person learning. 

The value of time lost due to foregone work from parents who must be at home caring for children is estimated to be more than than $10B per week. And the brunt of the increased caregiving responsibility is borne by women who are disproportionately leaving the workforce.

—  Estimates from Jon Kolstad & Ned Augenblick, economists at UC Berkeley

Collaborate with Us

Reach out if you’re interested in partnering on a project to expand access to COVID-19 testing.

COVID-19 Response Advisors

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